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14 Mag Earthroamer gives new meaning to “tiny house movement”

In 2015 we caught wind of the Earthroamer operation and were instantly fascinated. We then shared a short Facebook post and gallery, as we often do with things that intrigue us, and the post went viral. Anyone with a fondness for getting "off the grid" can appreciate the work that has gone into developing these 'over-land barges'. But don't let...

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14 Mag The motorcycle is back!

The motorcycle is back! Similar to the fresh contemporary scene that has established itself around bicycles in the last few years, the motorcycle is currently undergoing an aesthetic rebirth. A young subculture worldwide is discovering the motorcycle as an expression of its personality and creativity.   The Ride explores motorcycle riding as it is meant to be: as a means of getting...

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14 Mag Exploring the American West in Russian sidecars.

Two Ural sidecars, one dream More than one fellow motorcyclist looked at us cross-eyed. Actually, they all did. We decided to take a couple oddities – two Ural sidecars – out of their crates and push them deep into the American West for 10,000 miles. It’s a romantic notion we all dream of; loading up your steed with only the essentials and...

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