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Ocean and Stream - Watches as our compasses, Glasses as our beacons, Wallets as our galley! Shop on-line your Watches, Glasses or Wallets!
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We are “simply” dreamers with our rump on two wheels and our mind on travelling .

Ocean & Stream is nothing less than a mix of passions, experiences, trips and states of mind.

Our Brand – made by anchor, piston and hot-air balloon – is the synthesis of all stream of emotions coming from our movements.




Watches as our compasses

New concept of thinness, perfect size for a unisex watch. With 30 grams you won’t feel the extra weight on your wrist. High end Japanese quartz movement will keep time accurately. Built with high grade polished stainless steel and hardened mineral glass, water resistant up to 3ATM.

Our leather straps are 100% Genuine top grain leather, it means comfortable feel on your wrist.

Our NATO strap are made of light yet sturdy ballistic nylon, stainless steel buckles, with polished finishing to match your watch




Glasses as our beacons

The glasses are made of wood veneers from the Austrian forests in strict compliance with greening processes. Acrylic adhesives are biocompatible and the finishing are made with eco-friendly beeswax. Prototyping , implementation and finishes are achieving by the same craftsman. The eyewear is entirely handmade; every tree is different so every veneer product has a unique appearance. Hinges in nickel silver and Lenses are UV- 400 certified entirely made in Italy from Venetian tradition




Wallets as our galley

A beautiful wooden wallet designed to streamline your pocket and created from a single block of wood. The same tree can never be found twice in nature; this also means that the colour and pattern can vary within the same wood species. All wallets are carefully crafted by hand, and each product is unique due to it’s shading & beautiful grain patterns.



The Project

Ocean and stream comes out from an idea of their founders in 2014 – the travel groove brought us the vibe that all will pass, but not our passion to discover new ways, to reach new bounds. We like to think us as sailor on bikes, finding ourself only when we are lost in trip. After all, we are streams in search of oceans.

Our intent is to offer accessories to keep high the style of riding on any kind of two-wheels machine. Our eclectic way of thinking drive us to equip the sailor riders with distinguishing signs while facing a big salt water.

We give to you our emotions through our products.

Enjoy the surfing, sailors.




What I love of the deep Sea is that it has not beaten track, no trace routes …. Living fast !


There is no easy way from the earth to the stars…as is a race, so is life: not how long it is, but how intense it is, is what matters.

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